Terms and Requirements


Requirements for accepting your order

1. A Purchase order must accompany the incoming order.
2. A Blue print or sketch with the latest Revision is required.
3. Detailed specifications + requirements.
4. Payment policy is 2% 10 net 30.

Customer must abide by these aforementioned conditions or job and
contract will be rendered VOID.

Your cooperation in these matters is appreciated and guarantees a thorough,
on time, quality product.

Mass Spectrometer Leak Testing

Requirements for Leak Testing your job:

1. A Purchase Order.

2. A print or sketch with the areas needing vacuum testing
marked or Hilited. The testing requirements must also be
specified (otherwise testing will be done at 5 x 10 -6).

3. Units with different part #'s or variant types to be marked or
identified in some fashion.

4. Units to be as free & dry as possible of any oils, coolants,
brines, rinses, and solvents.

5. Sealing surfaces free of nicks, scratches, & dings.

6. Any sealents, glues, adhesives, or epoxies to be cured for a
minimum of 48 hours before testing.

7. Appropriate packaging for safe transport.