Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

The inspection system requirements set forth in this Quality Manual shall provide and maintain an inspection system. This will assure that all supplies and services are submitted to our customer for approval whether manufactured or processed by  Metallic Fusion Welding or procured from subcontractors or vendors. Metallic Fusion Welding will perform or have performed the inspection and test required to substantiate product conformance to drawing specifications and contract and or purchase order requirements. 

QM 2.0 Rev. -A Page 3 of 21 2/1/99 QMmf003

Quality Manual

QM 2.0 Quality System 


    Metallic Fusion Welding maintains a documented quality system to ensure
    that our product complies with customer requirements and that our quality 
    system complies with the ISO 9002 requirements. 


This element ensures our customers that we keep up-to-date documents to 
control work that affects the quality of the product we supply to them. 


Quality, is responsible for ensuring that our quality system, as documented and implemented, is
in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9002.

Levels of Documents

Level Type Description:

I. Quality Manual

 This contains the policies we have in place to meet ISO 9002 requirements.

II. Procedures 

These tell us what to do to meet the requirements of ISO 9002. They support our quality manual's.

III. Work 

They tell us how to perform specified Instructions activities. These are detailed instructions that tell us how to 
implement our Level II procedures.  IV Forms and These are used to capture data or  such as Operator Certification. 
Records information resulting from our procedures or work instructions.  A form that has data entered onto it
becomes a record. QC 1.0, QC 3.0,  QC 4.0, QC 4.1 & IQA 1.0.

Supporting Documentation:

The following is the list of documents that supports this quality system  element.